Digital Storytelling

What it is Digital Storytelling?

The practice of combining a narrative with digital content to produce a short compelling video.
  • instructional
  • persuasive
  • historical
  • reflective

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Features of Digital Storytelling

Creativity, Communication and Collaboration
Sir Ken Robinson - Ted Talk

Self Directed Learning
Working effectively in a Team
Use of Relevant Technology
Creation through Iteration
Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Reasoning

Some Ideas for Getting Started

Use the free app from 30 hands and saved it locally, upload it to their site (private or public)

4 Steps for Digital Storytelling
Step 1: Writing the script
research, mind mapping, outlining, drafting, rewriting and editing
Step 2: Planning the Project
collecting images (Creative Common) researching, organizing images and materials, storyboarding, editing
Step 3: Production
recording voice narration, performing, practicing, fine-tuning
Step 4: Presentation and Discussion

Have students play a character from history
Students interview a historical character
Students do a family history or autobiography
Dramatic Documentary: act out a famous event
Science: documenting an experiment
Math - explain a concept
News Broadcasts
Persuasive "how-to" videos

Good to Know

Examples of using Digital Learning

Elementary Examples (30hands,com)
Middle School and High School Examples (30hands,com)
Teacher Examples (
Example - Local History

Further Reading

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